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2010 Mill Levy & Bond

In 2010, the voters of Poudre School District approved a mill levy and bond issue. Bond funds are one-time dollars that will allow the district to maintain excellent facilities critical to providing a positive learning environment. Schools receive mill levy funds each year to support student instruction in a variety of ways.

“Our students are truly the beneficiaries of a great community-led effort to improve educational opportunities in PSD. This vote supports students and their future. The district expresses heartfelt thanks to our community for passing the mill levy and bond issue, acknowledging the importance of our children’s education, even in this difficult economic environment,” says Dr. Jerry Wilson, Superintendent of Schools

2010 Mill Levy
The mill levy will provide $16 million annually to meet expenses of the district caused by state revenue cutbacks, including:

  • Restore a portion of the 139 positions eliminated by state revenue cutbacks and limit class size increases,
  • Refresh technology and provide technology support for student learning opportunities,
  • Provide skills for workforce development and college readiness to support economic growth, and
  • Increase budget allocations to schools to maintain excellence for student academic achievement and interventions, and provide resources for preschool, whole child, career awareness and wellness.

The school-by-school list of 2011-12  projected mill levy allocations is available on the School Allocations webpage.

2010 Building Fund
bond will provide $120 million for improving, equipping, and furnishing district buildings and other property, including, but not limited to:

  • Purchase and install technology in district schools to provide learning opportunities for students,
  • Improve safety and security in district schools and facilities,
  • Maintain and upgrade schools and facilities, including roof replacements, update electrical, plumbing, fire protection, heating and ventilation systems, and improve school grounds to extend the useful life of facilities.

View a projects overview list for schools and other buildings here.

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